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The Ice Max Concept it Turning Water into Profits


Our Success is upon these fundamental actions


-Engaging Customers and Listening to their Wants, Wishes, & Needs
-Engineering Projects to Meet those Specific Customer Needs
-Offering the Highest Quality Equipment Selections
-Maximize the Efficiency and Ease of Operation for the Customer
-Providing True Customer Service & Support after the Sale

Our goal is to design and layout complete packaged ice systems which meet our clients current needs and allow for future expansion and growth.


Packaged Ice Producers Must Incorporate 7 Key Functions into their Operation


-Water Quality
-Ice Production
-Ice Handeling
-Package Processing
-Storage of Finished Product
-Delivery to Market
-Merchandising and Point of Purchase Displays

At times one or more of these functions can become a constraint to the operation. Ice Max can provide solutions for each of these functional areas to insure your success...